Meet the Team


Social Media Manager

Kota is an artist and cosplayer with a passion for working within the social media space ever since he was a young teenager. A member of the cosplay scene since he found out about it in 2013, he’s been attending every Vegas anime convention since then and took up the task of leveling up his cosplay work in 2019 by joining the school as one of the first students.

To him, social media and being a creative go hand in hand, having used it from a young age to express himself and share his work with anyone who views it. He’s run several fandom-related freelance projects through social media with great success, and managed his own social media presence and business through it for several years. With cosplay becoming quite the virtual sensation thanks to apps like TikTok, he is more eager than ever to help the school share Vegas’s numerous talents with the online community.

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