Slide The School of Cosplay.
By Cosplayers, For Everyone.
Sewing. Armor. Props. Wigs. Make-up. Performance. Click Here
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Ready to start crafting?

Hello from the GamerVsTailor team here in Las Vegas! We are a group of professionals and industry costumers and designers who have built a career out of our favorite hobby – Cosplay! We seek to educate and encourage your journey in the world of costume arts and offer a variety of packages for all skill levels and prices.

The School of Cosplay. By Cosplayers, For Everyone

Sewing. Armor. Props. Wigs. Make-up. Performance.

What We Offer


A one hour private session between you and the instructor of your choice. Learn sewing, crafting, tailoring, make-up, wig work, or start a game plan to create your entire new project from scratch! We’ll help you plan fabric, patterning, and a timeline to completion!

Creative Parties

A maximum of three students work in the studio under the advice and supervision of the instructor. You are welcome to bring new projects or continue other projects.  Perfect for ongoing projects.

Specialty Workshops

A workshop will be taught by a specific instructor focused on a particular skill. This may be anything from advanced draping and patterning, armor, make-up, wig building, 3D Printing, etc! Class size and length may vary.

Game and Sew

Pull up a chair, have a complimentary cup of some of Jez’s signature coffee or tea and keep us company while we run a Twitch segment live! You will get a full on tutorial of the steps on the tailor’s side while crafting and may even appear on stream!

Last Minute Panic!

Before certain conventions, instructors may be available to assist in non-competitive cosplay the few nights before the convention. We all have been there and we know what it’s like to wish you had another pair of hands to help!

For the Win!

Our instructors have all judged competitions all over the world and can help you make the most of your entry. They can polish your staging, assist with music, and solidify your skit concept. An award won at the studio will earn a spot on our shelves to declare your victory and may even win a free class!

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