About the School

During many years of giving feedback at conventions following Cosplay Competitions, Jez Roth found that he was E-mailed constantly asking about giving more cosplay advice – on how to improve techniques, learn new skills, even elements of performance. How could he do this in the best way? Costuming is one thing to explain and another to demonstrate in person. To achieve this goal he considered that he would need a studio, even better, a school. After asking several other instructors to join him, at Lvl-Up Expo 2019 he announced the creation of the first School of Cosplay Ð GamerVsTailor – by Cosplayers, for everyone.
November 2019 was the grand opening Ð a day celebrating a business that was the first of it’s kind that embraced all levels of skill in the art of costuming Ð sewing, patterning, draping, make-up, wigs, armor, props, weapons, special effects. Jez wanted to create a space for not only students to come and learn, but for the teachers to design and build their own projects and livestream as well on platforms such as twitch.
As part of a three-part plan, the School is in phase one. It currently stands in Vegas in Chinatown, less than a mile from the Las Vegas Strip. It is a beacon of fandoms Ð anime, comic book, video games, cartoons, film – welcoming visitor and locals alike. Whether you have never touched a sewing machine or are a seasoned individual, the school caters to all skill levels with prices affordable for the average student. We understand that home sewing, cosplay, and drag are not cheap and we aim to make education here budget-friendly!

We offer tours and occasionally hold open houses.

We offer packages and memberships, give family and military discounts as well as referral deals.

We are a safe, positive space where we encourage you to come as you are – let’s build something amazing together!
Cosplay Vegas